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I returned to Newgrounds after 23 years lmao

Posted by Snao - December 3rd, 2018

Tumblr refugee lmao.

I used to use this site when it started. Im so old. Holy frick. Like, I was worried it died when they posted some video clip from Freddy Got Fingered, and they sued Newgrounds offline for a while.

Uh anyway uh. Hi.

I have a lot of sketches and older work offsite that I dont think qualifies as postable onsite.

Your best bet to find up to date archives will be on https://www.weasyl.com/~naoki (must sign up to view 18+)


Patreon.com/Snao (18+ only) (it's only 1 dollar, and pay up front isn't turned on. That might change in the future, but it's a great place to look for stuff that aint on here.)


Here's my politics post: I'm a dirty commie. Marxism is Materialism. It's Realism. It's an understanding you got bills, a big loud mouth to feed, and some powerful dudes made laws that make paying my bills harder than it ever needed to be.

Give everyone free stuff to enable them to learn, build, and help others, and we'll all live our best lives.

Yehaw, I'll probably never talk about it on here ever again.

-Sean (pronounced "seen")


Comments (10)

hehehe interesting. I as well have returned after a 7 years absente xD.

Hope to see your great stuff my friend. I hope color more of your wonderful art soon. :)

it's been about 15 years since I've been on newgrounds I seriously can not believe I'm back here again.

Same boat here, I even dusted off my old account. First site I made an account on and never thought I would reuse it for art :p

I saw my stuff getting flagged, deleted my things for them and hauled ass. I'll make my own tumblr, with black jack, and hookers!

Also it's nice to see you on here Snao!

Newgrounds more like Oldgrounds amirite

I had no clue after all these years being friends that your name was pronounced 'seen'. My brother in law Sean (shawn) would be so angry with you.

Yep, it's hard to believe. I've been keepin the "Shawn" joke up for all this time. Eat it, every public school public-address intercom speaker.

You know, that's actually one positive I didn't think about until now. NG will be quite the even playing field as far as age ranges go. Without realizing it my mainstay was Tumblr, and I often encountered people just fresh into their 20's. Here, I'd imagine 30's will be more an average.

Yah! I would be careful with that though because NG hosts a load of artists I aint never heard of.. but uh.. Who knows how it'll really shake out. For SURE though it is on the older end, while anon-allowing imageboards are on the younger end.

Considering Christopher Lee released his first metal album at 89 years, I'm not quite sure you're as old as you pretend.

@doladdar @Snao hahahaha

Happy BD 2019!
Hope you're having a blast, wherever you are!